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Flash animations (SWF) are more and more popular everyday thanks to being able to enjoy multimedia such as video, websites, etc, in just one single .swf file.

However, these kinds of applications require a program in order to view them. The easiest way is from your web browser, but on occasions these programs can be incompatible with Flash animation.

Flash Movie Play is an advanced player for SWF files based on the Macromedia Flash Viewer plugin. The program includes brand new features, such as integration with your web browser's cache, support for running .exe programs, full screen mode, playlists, etc.

If you think that you're going to use the program frequently, you can use the preset keyboard shortcuts so you don't lose time looking for the different options on the program interface.

You can also extract movies from files in executable format and save them in SWF format. It includes hotkeys for common operations.

What's more, the program consumes very little resources, it's totally free, and contains zero spyware.
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